About Us

A collection of products made from left overs....

Materials, Structures, Origins, Quantities, Stories…..


It started as hobby...

We made stuff from recycled materials for our own homes.
It became a desire to see “waste from other products flourish and turned into new unique products.

The History behind TheLeftOver

It all started with a company visit in 2009, where I accidentally touched a piece of rubber made from old car tires. 

The piece was used in industrial production and therefore had no visible value. That piece has traveled and moved with me since then, and in the fall of 2021, in the late shadow of the pandemic, I came up with the idea to make Christmas decorations for my own tree from the material of worn-out car tires.
My friends and family saw it, and before long, it was sold at a local market – to see how others would react to it.

Since then, many other recycled materials have been added, and the latest are Pixel products made from recycled plastic. It’s been quite a journey, and there are already several products in the works, made from other people’s leftovers.